About TRW

Thin Red Wire is a technology website with a strong emphasis on geopolitics, justice, ethics, and morality. TRW aims to provide valuable information about products, services, events, and trends in the world of technology, without forgetting the possible benefit or consequences.

It would not be unreasonable to call the 21st century the age of globalization. But we could not understand this new stage without technology. While many people see this as an advancement, others see it as a Trojan horse ready to be unleashed—and it could be far worse than we’ve ever seen before. The progress in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer processors, energy resources, military engineering, etc., has given governments and corporations unprecedented power.

Unfortunately, most technology websites focus either on selling or promoting products. While news sites that choose to report on current events rarely expound on the consequences of misusing technology. Henceforth, TRW would like to provide the information lacking in so many technology sites by giving a balanced view of products, services, and world trends and events.