60 AI Companies in Europe You Should Know


21st-century mortals have seen a new revolution take place that is much more competitive, fast-moving, and profitable than ever seen before. It’s the AI revolution, and for better or for worse, it’s here to stay.

As always, the United States is the country leading the race. But the battle is fierce and other countries are pushing ahead. China, with its massive investment, is very close behind and could take the lead very soon. Japan, another AI superpower, is ahead of France, Germany, and Great Britain (however, as a whole, the European Union might be ahead of Japan). And then, of course, there is the startup nation Israel, which, just in 2021, has raised almost $20 billion in high-tech.

Last spring, the European Commission announced the AI strategy, a program to streamline research and policy options for AI regulation. Europe plans to invest €1 billion per year in Artificial Intelligence. Through the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programs, the commission plans to put the EU back in the game. It will also provide additional funding through the private sector with an annual investment package of €20 billion.

Ahead of the AI strategy, France’s investment in Artificial Intelligence seems to be paying off. Spain, an AI babe, released its National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, while the United Kingdom and Germany have also invested heavily in AI—although still far behind the US and China.

However, the EU is not just Western Europe. There are other countries with a strong AI portfolio. In Eastern Europe, countries like Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania have an army of AI startups. And other non-EU countries in Eastern Europe could even surpass some Western European countries. For example, Ukraine, another AI hub, is far ahead of Spain, Italy, or even Scandinavia; while Russia could easily brag about its host of multi-million AI companies.

While some lists and reviews on artificial intelligence include some Eastern European countries, they seldom consider European countries outside the EU. The following list shows what we consider the top AI companies and startups in Western and Eastern Europe.

Top AI companies in Europe – Open spreadsheet

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